Our tiles are high-fire and our glazes are non-toxic. Most of our tiles are intended to be incorporated into mosaics designed to stand alone as finished art for indoor or outdoor installation. Many of our tiles are featured in the 1st Street Mosaic Project in Ithaca, NY, along with tiles we helped youth and families create in schools or at a partner institutions.

Examples can be seen in our recent show titled Feathered Friends.

Others tiles can be used in design motifs on mosaic mesh and can be incorporated into design projects for your home or business. These mosaic motifs are examples and can be customized to your taste. We also make 4 x 4,” 6 x 6″ and larger tiles for other applications.

Chickens We Have Known and Loved

We created a mosaic on the shower walls of our studio bathroom, just to show you how creative you can get with tile! It has hens and roosters, chicks and song birds, flowers and frogs, doily blobs and mirrors, and even a nesting hen motif under the shower head. Do come see it!


In the beginning, the cartoon. Then the tiles begin to fill it in…..


A barnyard in the shower.

Feathered Friends

Finished Mosaics

Mosaic Motifs


Mosaic Workshops